Professional CCTV, Security and Audiovisual Systems Integration

Digital Signage and Public Displays

In today’s world of decentralized operations, the dissemination of corporate messages and communications is more challenging than ever before, the advent of digital signage is the ideal tool that allows you to communicate with your employees and your customers. These targeted messages can be updated instantly, automatically and remotely.

  • Command and control facilities
  • Interactive wayfinding
  • Community messaging
  • Emergency and evacuation audio and visual messaging
  • Control room and NOC multiple input solutions
  • Bandwidth friendly deployment to any site
  • Centralized or remote content management for any networked device, BYOB or venue owned
  • Message dissemination on schedule or on demand
  • Full managed content services available

At CET we offer the leading names in the world of displays and have offered digital signage as a service before the term digital signage was even coined. In addition to the hardware, training and set-up, we also offer monthly paid fully managed services that include everything from media development to hardware maintenance.