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30W AUDIO FM Transmitter

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30W AUDIO FM Transmitter

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Great at syncing Carnival Band Trucks!

I – Features:
⦿ Chassis in a standard 1U 19-inch aluminum industrial chassis.
⦿ 0 ~ 30W adjustable power
⦿ Dual microphone inputs Reverb
⦿ VSWR protection, and can set the start value of the standing wave protection.
⦿ over-temperature protection, and can set the start value over temperature protection.
⦿ controlled fan forced cooling system to ensure stability while the machine can also
increase the working life of the fan.
⦿ automatic volume control function. Input volume can be detected automatically
adjusted, to ensure the best modulation.
⦿ four commonly used function keys. Can be quickly set the parameters of the machine.

II – Main Technical Parameters:
⦿ Power supply voltage: AC90V ~ 260V/50Hz/60Hz
⦿ Frequency range: 87 ~ 108MHz
⦿ Frequency Stabilization mode: PLL Frequency Synthesizer PLL
⦿ Power supply voltage: AC90V ~ 260V/50Hz/60Hz
⦿ Modulation: WFM
⦿ RF power: 0 ~ 30W adjustable. Maximum 30W
⦿ RF output impedance: 50Ω / Coaxial
⦿ stray radiation: <-60db
⦿ audio level: 15dbV
⦿ Frequency response: 50 ~ 15KHz
⦿ signal to noise ratio: 70db
⦿ Separation: 40db
⦿ ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 ℃