Intelli-stage Choral Risers

Intelli-stage Choral Risers

Staging 101 Mobile, Folding Choral Risers

Choose from 2, 3, or 4 tiered straight or wedged configurations!

Multiple units combine together easily to form various configurations

Available in 2 surfaces, carpet and industrial

Available in straight or wedged options

10  year warranty.


Riser platforms are 72” x 18” (1.8m x .45m)  and are available in straight or wedged    three-tier or four-tier options. Back guardrails are included.

Side guardrails are available as an additional option.

Available in black industrial finish and gray carpet finish.

Fast, easy “roll in and roll out” mobile folding design. Easy set-up by 1 person.

Multiple units combine together easily to form various configurations.

Perfect for schools, churches, hotels, exhibition halls and many other applications.

For use mostly indoors and should be installed on a flat surface.

Weight rated at: 750 KG / SQ M (153 LBS /SQ FT).