Presonus HP60

$ 2,740.00

Presonus HP60

$ 2,740.00

Priced in Trinidad dollars. For FOB Miami pricing please contact us.

6-channel Headphone Mixing System System

Take Command

With the HP60, when you talk, everyone listens. Hit the Talk button and use the talkback-mic input and your favorite dynamic mic to tell ‘em what to do. You can even use a footswitch to control the talkback hands-free.

Each channel also has stereo line outputs that can send a copy of the line-level headphone-channel mix to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems. So if you have a large band and need more than six headphones, you can chain two or more HP60s.

Expanding your headphone-distribution system is easy. Just connect each headphone amp’s Stereo Ouput on the first HP60 to each headphone amps’ External Input on a second HP60, and you have a 12-headphone system. Using a y-cable from one of Stereo Outputs, you also can connect the HP60 to a PreSonus HP4, which provides four headphone outputs.

The Problem Solver

“Turn my headphones up!” “More me, I can’t hear myself!” “Turn down that click!” It gets old. Change that tune with the HP60 headphone distribution system. The HP60 is more than just a half-dozen headphone amps, it’s a field-tested solution to a host of common headphone-monitoring problems.

Let’s start with “turn my headphones up.” Each of the HP60’s six headphone amps has its own level control and puts out 150 mW, which is loud enough to drive the alligators out of the Louisiana swamps. If they can’t hear this headphone system, they’re stone deaf.

More likely they’ll scream, “turn it down, you’re killing me!” Problem solved.