Audiovisual Systems Integration

Access Control / Time Attendance

Knowing who is in your building, your car park, and your sensitive areas is no longer convenience, it is fast becoming a legal requirement. Access control solutions can help secure a space as well as help make your day-to-day operations extremely efficient. At any time you can check who is a specific location, in real-time, with no human intervention.

  • Access by pin, smart card, smart FOB or biometric methods
  • Seamless integration to payroll, time and attendance, evacuation and BMS systems.
  • Self service visitor pass solutions with administration defined location permissions and ‘time out’ options
  • Proven harsh environment biometric solutions where speed and reliability are paramount.
  • Centralized or distributed management of employee, contractor and visitor pass systems
  • Interactive smart forms and image capture for system

In addition to the obvious security and accounting benefits, an integrated access control solution can greatly streamline many administrative areas with a huge reduction of both errors and repetitive tasks, all while collecting valuable, usable operations data.

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