Audiovisual Systems Integration

Data and IT Solutions

With a long history in the broadcast, cruise-ship and touring industry, CET deeply understands the concept of reliability and zero down time. Details matter, from the choice of certified termination tools to the model number of the connectors. Our systems are engineered end-to-end in copper, optical or wireless. Our IT architecture is proven, concept build-outs from the ground up and ready to integrate to the ever-expanding Internet of things environment.

  • Specialized engineering and IT architecture for large organizations
  • Full featured commercial /enterprise Wi-Fi solutions
  • World class complete system architecture and documentation
  • Hot desk support services
  • Advanced replacement services
  • Copper and optical network bandwidth testing and certification
  • Open architecture design. Always.
  • Future proofed for the world of BYOD and the IoT world
  • Leasing options

Today’s businesses exist online, poor design or deployment can be a nightmare of inefficiency and security risks. IT systems and precision architecture to meet your operational environment is the key to a stable and efficient operation.

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