Audiovisual Systems Integration

Mass Notification Systems

Used in facilities that can become “at risk” including construction sites, industrial parks, corporate offices and even residential locations. A mass notification solution can save thousands of lives. These solutions are often considered exceptionally expensive and complex but they are often more simple and budget friendly than you might think.

  • Automated event-driven audio and visual messaging systems for a floor, building or an entire town.
  • Wireless, remote, networked evacuation announcement solutions.
  • Integration with fire, emergency services and building management systems.
  • Very high output solutions.
  • Managed audio over IP, live announcement interfacing, including PBX interfacing.

Any paging solution can be specified to also perform the function of emergency communications management which means one-system one-deployment, multiple applications. That is the sort of engineering we do at CET for sports stadiums, cruise ships and other heavily regulated industries.


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