Audiovisual Systems Integration

Control and Building Management

Location: Nancy’s office

Time: 7:54:58… 7:54:59… 7:55:00 

The room comes to life, lights turn on, HVAC comes on and adjusts to 24 degrees (Nancy doesn’t like it cold), the blinds retract and the office awaitthe arrival of the employees. With CET as your partner in building management systems, the future is now!


  • Centralized or distributed management of lighting, AV systems, HVAC, shading, and building services
  • Integrated CCTV, Access and perimeter management
  • Active energy management of lighting, shading and HVAC by calendar, time and occupancy sensing
  • Meeting room, venue and facility scheduling solutions with MS Outlook and G-Suite integration

Control & Building Management automates and monitors everyday functions of your property, with no additional load on your human resourcesDeployed effectively it can massively reduce energy consumption, making it an essential component in energy managemensystems. If your operation is one small office or a hundred global locations, this investment offers one of the fastest return from savings in energy and improved operational efficiency.

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