Audiovisual Systems Integration

Industrial Communications


When companies have multiple locations and off-site assets, both human and physical, communications and data capture can become a real challenge. CET can design solutions that directly integrate to existing operations with minimal disruption, organic user deployment and no additional human resources.

  • Mesh radio data gathering solutions
  • Carrier-class wireless links in licensed and unlicensed frequencies
  • Field hardened data and human endpoint devices
  • Duplex data management with event-driven notifications to central and decentralized endpoints
  • Industrial grade 2-way radio solutions including Motorola APX and P25 solutions
  • Remote site data collection solutions
  • Off-grid, Marine, offshore and military-grade solutions

The uses of industrial communications are wide and are varied from offshore wireless headsets , backhaul data solutions, Marine SIS transponders or radio dispatch. But one thing remains in common, CET can define your requirements and tailor the right solution for you, with training, support, service and full integration.

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