Audiovisual Systems Integration

Surveillance and Asset Awareness

Many large companies have multiple local, regional and international assets that in today’s world need more and more protection against hostile threats and sabotage. The days of the security guard and a log book are gone. With application of the right technology you can confidently manage larger locations, generate much faster responses with less money and fewer people.

  • Remote monitoring from central, remote or BYOD
  • Intelligent cameras with extreme analytics and edge analysis
  • Wall and fence integrated perimeter management, on wall, on fence or in ground, with exact location reporting
  • Static and rotating radar for large area land or marine monitoring
  • Slew to cue CCTV integration from any event
  • Long-range CCTV, with Laser IR night vision. Up to 2 miles
  • Thermal imaging solutions for handheld, marine or perimeter event generation
  • Autonomous Drone surveillance with real-time reporting
  • Pipeline and buried assets incident detection
  • Automated license plate recognition for access and inventory

Autonomous active awareness has never been easier, but with all the buzzwords and acronyms it can be difficult to figure out the best practice, and what is proven and what is not. As an enterprise security solutions provider for many years, CET can ensure you the best solution from a proven supplier but also integrate it to your overall operations and management systems for a seamless asset protection solution.


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