Audiovisual Systems Integration

Specialty Lighting and Energy Management

Energy conservation is everyone’s business. Everyone wants it, but getting there can be a path full of sales tricks and slick salesman. CET will take on your facility and give you the numbers – where you are at, where you can be, and what it will cost to get there –in clear quantifiable numbers. BMS and energy management is by far the most exciting technology investment today, let us show you how much you can save while saving the planet.

  • Fully automated building energy management with detailed reporting, any number of buildings, locally or globally
  • Fixture integrated emergency lighting
  • Very high-efficiency lighting solutions, up to 180 lumens per watt
  • Industrial, commercial, explosion-proof, marine and hazardous area fixtures
  • From 10 to 10000w, 12v to 480v
  • Precision light fixture solutions
  • Light temperature, lensing, light spill, color correction.
  • Facility wide HVAC and lighting management via time, date and physical building occupancy
  • Automated window and glass treatments for energy savings, blinds and electro-tint technologies.
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