Audiovisual Systems Integration

Virtual Conferencing Solutions for Caribbean Businesses

Bring your brand, products, and educational content alive for your own virtual online community. Caribbean Entertainment Technologies, Limited (CET)  specializes in virtual corporate meetings that need to have a reliable and high definition online experience, this includes conferences, board meetings, symposiums, sales, and training seminars.
CET brings expertise way beyond IT technology, to make your events seamless.
Our virtual event production process is simple, yet spectacular in its impact.

The process goes something like this:

1)    Conceptualize the entire guest & branding experience for your company

2)    Identify engagement touchpoints & schedules
3)    Create a custom virtual collaboration design (hardware and software)
4)    Integrate a design that will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure

Audiences should leave your online virtual meetings energized, educated, and with a dynamic branding corporate aesthetic. With CET you can achieve this and a secure high definition connection that is reliable for you and your audience. 

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