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Electrical Grounding – “Electrical Earth” – Ground Testing Services


Ground (Electrical Earth) testing is very important because it is the foundation for a building’s entire electrical system. Ground system testing is conducted to ensure that new installations or existing grounding systems meet grounding specifications. Testing the grounding system requires specific tools and skills, and CET Limited can help. Grounding design and maintenance in commercial buildings and facilities are performed for safety and technical performance reasons. Poor earthing/ground systems present a safety risk for personnel and deeply reduce reliability on IT, comms, and data equipment. In addition to the initial engineering, design, and testing, ground systems deteriorates over time and it is necessary to carry out regularly scheduled specialty testing on the grounding systems.

  • Protection against electrical
  • overload
  • Provides an alternate path for current to flow
  • Helps to stabilize voltage levels
  • Earth is the best conductor
  • Prevents damage, injury, and death

CET Limited is located in Barataria, Trinidad, and Tobago and we service the Caribbean Islands with Electrical Grounding to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and personnel. Customer safety is our top priority and CET takes great care to perform a proper ground resistance test. This allows you to avoid arcing, short circuits, electrical fires, or electrical damage in general—again – we put the safety of our clients first and foremost.

CET serves Trinidad, Guyana, Jamaica, Bahamas, St. Kitts, St, Lucia and the rest of the CARICOM territory. We take pride in our experienced and knowledgeable professional engineers who are ready to discuss your current ground testing or grounding system commissioning needs. Contact  CET today for all your electrical grounding / earth infrastructure design, testing and maintenance needs today.

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