Digital Signage, Digital Billboards and Public Display Solutions

Deliver the Perfect Message. Effortlessly.

In today’s world of decentralized operations, the dissemination of corporate messaging and marketing communications is more important than ever. Digital signage has become the ideal branding solution for businesses that are looking to use eye-catching displays to effectively communicate with their customers and even their employees. These targeted messages can be updated instantly, automatically, and remotely

At CET Ltd. we offer the leading names in the world of displays and have offered digital signage in Trinidad and the Caribbean islands as a service before the term “digital signage” became commonly used. In addition to the hardware, training, and set-up, we also offer monthly paid fully managed services that include everything from media development to hardware maintenance. 

  • Fully managed content services for digital signage including billboards and Back-Ground Music (BGM)
  • Digital screens and digital billboard maintenance
  • Interactive wayfinding solutions (standalone, touchscreen, digital maps)
  • Community messaging including emergency and evacuation audio and visual messaging
  • Command and control facilities
  • Control room and NOC multiple input solutions
  • Bandwidth friendly deployment to any site
  • Centralized or remote content management for any networked device, BYOB or venue owned
  • Message dissemination on schedule or on-demand

Content management services of existing digital signage, as well as maintenance contracts on digital billboards and signage solutions, are offered. These services include content creation, visually appealing digital presentations with special scheduling and timelines as well as remote control and automation solutions. We simplify digital signage, and with a firm understanding of your objectives, we coordinate digital signage installation services with precision, communicate effectively and take care of everything involved in your program.

Our maintenance services include repairs of video screens, as well as repairs of dead LED panels in digital billboards. You’ll never have to worry about your ads showing blacked-out, dead LED panels or image settings that are showing your images incorrectly. 

Billboard repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Color matching modules

  • Replacing modules

  • Troubleshooting errors

  • Maintenance including cleaning and servicing all cooling fans

  • Replacing cooling fans, power supplies, and wiring

Non-LED Billboards and Static Billboards

  • Repairing and servicing existing lighting

  • Replacing photocells and contractors

  • Installing LED lighting

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