Audiovisual Systems Integration

CET brings traditional classrooms into the future with live video conferencing.

Primary schools to universities, and other education non-profits alike are harnessing the power of live video to enhance learning, increase attendance, and improve communication. Now, universities and other educational entities can offer its students online courses, free lectures, plus the versatility of having two professors from differing universities co-teaching classes through video conferencing. No longer does a student or professor need to take time out of their day to consult during regularly scheduled office hours. Video conferencing also enables students to facilitate collaborative study groups. This is a real opportunity to promote a more collaborative and pioneering method of teaching in the classroom. Video technology improves the financial positions for students and institutions by reducing operating costs. The school doors are virtually open to students globally!


Exceptional mobility

Never miss a class! With BlueJeans, you can securely teach or join

through a live video call from your mobile device, from anywhere.


Track your students’ attendance and progress. Easily schedule video lectures through your calendar or browser. Conduct departmental and

administrative meetings, as well as software trainings over video

conferencing technology.

Screen sharing

When teaching students, it’s all about sharing great examples. BlueJeans’

screen sharing lets you show presentations, spreadsheets, and videos during your courses.

Expanded Reach

Teach students unable to attend courses in person. BlueJeans’ video conferencing opens the classroom up to 15,000 more attendees simultaneously.

Connects to other conferencing services
With BlueJeans, you can provide a consistent and unified end-user experience all the while connecting to any service that you need —  Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex — using the hardware that you already have. Avoid vendor lock-in and get ultimate flexibility and choice with BlueJeans Rooms.

Seamless on Desktop, Mobile, or Web

Whether you are at your desk, using a virtual desktop, or on the go, you should always have the same flawless video conferencing experience. BlueJeans provides end users with industry-leading interoperability to ensure frictionless video conferencing regardless of desktop operating system (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux), browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera), mobile device (e.g., iOS, Android), or virtual desktop infrastructure (e.g., Citrix). 

Universal Room System Support

Since its founding, BlueJeans has supported over 19,000 different video conferencing room system configurations. Hardware interop has always been the foundation of what makes BlueJeans video conferencing so powerful. Whether your organization has Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, or any other room system gear, if it is based on SIP or H.323 standards, it is interoperable with BlueJeans.   

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At CET we have over 25 years experience in low voltage systems integration, having successfully managed a plethora of projects in the Caribbean and CARICOM territories. We provide an extensive range of services – from large single-source turnkey installations to small system upgrades. It is our integrated approach to audio, video, security and lighting systems that allow us to consistently create relevant and powerful technology solutions.

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