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Georgetown, GY, November 25, 2020 – CET|AMR, which specializes in the integration of digital experiences into physical space, is proud to have designed and produced the audiovisual technologies for Hard Rock Café in Georgetown, Guyana. The automated audio, video, show and architectural lighting system was designed, installed, and commissioned following Hard Rock’s guided specification. With the vision to bring the Hard Rock experience to Guyana, this means good food, great music, and overall satisfied customers.

“We are proud to welcome Hard Rock Café Guyana into our portfolio. With its extraordinary amenities and dramatic architecture, this property will be a jewel in the town,” said David Chow, the project Manager at CET|AMR. “Our goal for the Hard Rock Café was to give life to a monumental establishment through audiovisual experience and creative solutions. We knew that our technological and creative capabilities would be instrumental in the project. We came up with a solution that will make the restaurant the real attraction in Guyana for years to come,” he added

Founded in 1971 in London, the Hard Rock brand has expanded globally, the brand is well known for displaying Memorabilia from Famous musicians and Artistes. Hardrock Café in Guyana is located on the east of Movie Towne Mall, the cafe seats up to 185 guests in a unique atmosphere for indoor and outdoor dining, as well as private parties in the VIP area for 30 guests.

The project entailed developing an automated control system to recreate various dining experiences (from luncheon to nightly events shows) for Hard Rock Café’s in-house dining customers. This trendy restaurant is a testament to how creative audiovisual technology has been instrumental in defining the legacy of Hard Rock Café and entertainment properties around the world. “The Hard Rock Café in Guyana will offer amenities like no other, for families and groups of friends alike,” stated David Chow, project Manager of CET|AMR. “Guests will experience true Hard Rock style – exclusive amenities, entertainment and nightlife that are all unique to the brand with an extra flair that will exceed all expectations.” He added.

The setup took 3 months to be fully installed. One of the key features of the project is the Crestron controller which is used to control automated and live audio, video and lighting scenes. This device Utilizes the HRC AV server and network video via Just-add-Power. An HRC branded channels were distributed to over 14 displays and a 2×2 Video wall. In times of sports, karaoke, or booked events, Video can be inputted and distributed via the Crestron touch panel.

Audio from the server was sent to a BSS BLU 100 DSP and routed through Crown CDi Multichannel amps to ASB 6128 and AM7215 foreground speaker, located in the stage and control47 LP for re-enforcement/ BGM. For live events, the Yamaha TF3 was a mixer of choice with analog distribution to the stage and the Audio Technica System 10 as the wireless mic.

Show lighting consisted of an ETC ColorSource 20, Chauvet intimidator, hybrids, and wash with slim banks and elation six bar for RGB static wash lighting. Architectural lighting has been controlled over the Crestron DIN-8SW8 dimmers.

David Chow, Project Manager commented “Our reputation for innovation is unrivaled in Audiovisual Industry, Hard Rock wanted a world-class facility to provide a comfortable environment and bring Hard Rock experience to Guyana. while also providing good food, great music and an overall leaving satisfied customer. With our latest innovation, we made this possible.“


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