Audiovisual Systems Integration

Press Release: Central Bank Money Money Trinidad and Tobago

June 2019

Caribbean Entertainment Technologies (CET), a leading audiovisual brand based in the Southern Caribbean Territory, is poised to redefine the interactive touch-screen landscape with  the launch of four interactive systems which include bird call push-button audio system, an interactive touch-screen system with videos, a cashier simulation experience, and a small-scale multimedia system.

“It is our integrated approach to Audio, Video, Security and Lighting systems that allow us to consistently create relevant and powerful technology solutions,” says Jonathan Bujan CET Salesman and Project Manager. “By rethinking the traditional hardware and algorithms commonly used in optical touch solutions, we have created what we believe to be the most robust optical touch sensing technology available today. We have created low cost, high-performance sensor architectures currently on the market. It scales well, doesn’t require constant recalibration and is incredibly easy to integrate.”

The bird call system is an easy-to-use, interactive system that allows for a specific bird call to be played every time the user presses the corresponding birds’ button. The interactive touch screens system required for the system to be able to play videos every time the user touched a particular part of the screen. These two systems effectively used the same principle. They both used robust digital signage. These two exhibits were programmed and loaded to digital signage software (Bright Sign) and used external devices as inputs to the system.

The cashier experience allows users to scan various items and display the items prices and totals in a grocery store like environment. The multimedia room allows the user to play DVDs and audio from a projector and also allows for wireless projection as well as a physical input to a personal computer. The cashier system uses Raspberry Pi which produces the total amount and a barcode reader to scan the items. The multimedia room includes a projector and an audio control unit which is controlled by a AMX Nx-1200 smart controller and uses a touch interface to control the volume and switch the inputs on the controller.

“These new technologies solve many of the technical shortcomings of existing touch technologies by offering robust multi-touch functionality and a larger touchscreen at or below the cost of existing technology,” adds Jonathan Bujan the salesman and project Manager of CET. These new systems will not only appeal to the next generation of audiovisual consumers but will ultimately benefit the consumers who will use the new applications spawned by this technology.”

These new technologies take 3 weeks to be installed (due to the clients having to install items). Product used for these new audiovisual technologies includes Bright Sign Digital Signage hardware HD223, AMX Nx-1200, Vivitek-DW3321 Projector, DBX Audio – Zone pro 641 and Vista- Soundstick.