Audiovisual Systems Integration

Subscription Services: Sound-LY & Simpli-Fi BGM and Branded Wifi

Branding with CET’s Subscription Services 

While enjoying time in your establishment, your guests can listen to royalty free music through your background music system (BGM) with Sound-LY. They will hear your companies carefully curated playlists with custom scheduled advertisements and messaging throughout the day. Your guests can also enjoy your very own corporate branded WiFi internet with Simpli-Fi. Here you can receive your guests emails and powerful analytics, they can follow you, receive promos and surf the web.

Lastly, with CET’s Digital Signage technology you can showcase your food and promotions. With Digital menus that can be updated instantly with captivating imagery and a clear menu. CET’s technology will provide your business with the ultimate branding opportunities. 

Sound-LY:  Thousands of Songs for your Guests to Enjoy

Enjoy a massive catalog of music, well-known for it’s authenticity and quality. Playlists than can span over 160 genres, each track has been created by professional musicians, composers, and producers.

Background Music with Stellar Music from All Over the World

Sound-LY carries many genre’s including:


Ambient  Lounge Global Kids Holidays
Classical Beats Pop Electronic Instrumental
Rock Country Blues Retro Soul


Gone are the days when you would have your guests listen to the radio and your competitors advertisements play inside your establishment. Now you get to offer your guests a unique branded experience with your own music, advertisements and messaging of useful information that is carefully created to play throughout the day.



Brand your guests experience and increase your social media followers 

Quickly connect your guests with your very own branded wifi solution that is password-less login that remembers them when they come back. 

  • Branded and customized look and feel of your initial WiFi login 
  • Automatically increase your social media followers
  • Increase awareness of promotions
  • Receive powerful data like busiest times, days, months. Returning customers, demographics and more
  • Decide how and when your WiFi can be used
  • Ensure that you are compliant and legally protected
  • Exportable marketing lists 


Guest insights and Valuable Marketing Data

Insights like returning guests and on how they interact with your establishment  over time are crucial to your marketing efforts. The more you know about your guests, the smarter you can be about how you promote to them.                       


SIMPLI-FI: Branded  Guest Wifi

Plug and Play Using your Existing Hardware

Designed to cover a 200ft range and support up to 100 active guests. Need more? Conveniently scale your network by adding more Plug & Play access points around your venue.

Have peace of mind that you are protected and compliant

This network will isolate your guest WiFi from any other networks, preventing access to back-office systems such as payment gateways. Every guest is identified, ensuring your network is both compliant and secure.