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Theatrixx Technologies & xVision now direct to CET

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CET Ltd., is pleased to announce its appointment as a Caribbean dealer for Theatrixx Technologies. Theatrixx manufactures a wide range of equipment to suit the complex needs of the performing arts industry and offer solutions to their video, lighting, audio, power and cabling challenges. They have extensive experience and understand the specific needs of the event business. They create innovative devices and systems that meet the highest standards and are built to withstand the daily hazards of life on the road and demanding installations. Theatrixx has an extensive range of unique products and an outstanding reputation having been used in WWE Wrestling and Cirque Du Soleil.

Some key aspects of what they carry include: 

This display has been used in massive touring shows for Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. The xVision Video Deck LED system enables designers to use the stage itself as part of the video display system. Their high strength rubberized facade allows high weight items such as cars or heavy theatre set pieces to be placed on top of the unit. All of this while delivering exceptional contrast with deep black, a feature often overlooked on many similar products. This is a new level of efficiency featuring time and weight-saving innovations perfectly suited for both heavy-duty rental and staging use, as well as permanent outdoor installations in the most rugged climates.

The Gravity-coherent truss is a patent pending truss that allows for a seamless LED display. This ideal screen support structure has a low deflection rate, assembles quickly and ensures a safe installation. Yes, this coherent truss does all three – incorporating innovative timesaving features that make it the perfect companion to any touring LED video package. 

Bumper bars can ride within the truss during transport, dramatically cutting setup and adjustment time.

Using only the highest quality machined alloy, xVision bumpers support even the heaviest and tallest screens while maintaining the above-average 10:1 safety factor. With sizes from single-wide to six-wide, virtually any rigging configuration can be achieved efficiently.

The Theatrixx Technologies line of stage boxes is comprised of various models suitable for all temporary electrical applications. The connection panel is on the side, away from the cover, which protects it from accidental disconnection and minimizes risk in case of spills. These particular features make these units exceptionally safe.

The world’s first video converters truly designed for the road. Video converters nowadays are used everywhere on profesionnal A/V events, presentations, live shows and tours and often have a critical role. Yet, they are often the weakest link in the signal chain. Low quality connectors, weak enclosure, external consumer-grade power supply, and overall barebones design that all contribute to a generally unreliable piece of equipment. These have an integrated power supply with locking PowerCON connector. Built-in convenience 120V outlet to power nearby projector, TV, laptop. Power bar to power both the converter and device not required anymore. Proudly designed and assembled in Canada.


The quality of construction and the components used add to these portable stageboxes long term reliability. All their models are built with a shock resistant 1/8-inch aluminum extrusion chassis, finished in matte black electrostatic paint. Available with thru output either on cable or on chassis. Delivery times are short and meet the specific requirements of our business. 

While we stock many options for power distribution, Theatrixx strength really is about delivering tailored, optimized power distribution solutions. That’s why they provide fast turnaround and virtually unlimited configurations options. 

For more information on the Theatrixx Technologies range of product lines please visit their website here.

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