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Professional PTZ Cameras in Trinidad & Tobago | CET

There are many reasons for the rise in demand for PTZ cameras in the entertainment and broadcast community in Trinidad. Video technology has advanced exponentially to the point where affordable PTZ cameras can deliver equivalent results compared to the more expensive studio and ENG cameras. When you add that overall cost-effectiveness with the flexibility of installation, and the ability to automate and remotely control the PTZ cameras, the benefits increase. In general, they are less costly, smaller, lighter, quiet, and have longer zoom lenses. With the ability of many to support NDI and PoE, remote controllability of these high-quality PTZ cameras makes them appropriate for virtually any production venue.

Maximum protection and minimum costs.

If you don’t want to use the cameras for broadcasting their original use was for security. These cameras are equipped with a variety of intelligent features that respond to detected events. This means that the camera will move between pre-set positions and zoom in automatically in response to these movements. They can also be easily integrated into an existing CCTV system with other cameras.

PTZ cameras can also facilitate live streaming and even corporate use in auditoriums with UHD (4K), Full HD, and SD, all via IP. These PTZ remote cameras support the most difficult of shooting conditions in both indoor and outdoor situations.

PTZ IP surveillance cameras are even capable of zooming in and out to see small details via desktop, mobile apps, or web browsers. One example, an HD PTZ IP camera installed on the third floor facing out to the alley, can zoom in to see the red car driving down, it can make out the faces of the two ladies walking by, or identify plate number of the vehicle parked outside especially HD outdoor PTZ cameras with the capability of license plate recognition.

Tour/Cruise/Patrol capability

You can also assign a path for PTZ cameras to patrol areas automatically and repeatedly at a certain speed. For instance, over a 60 second period, some PTZ IP cameras can keep an eye on the back door, the gate, the parking garage entrance, or the fence line once you chart out the course you’d like.

PTZ security cameras are a bit more expensive than fixed lens security cameras as they are inherently packed with more hardware. However, PTZ camera prices vary. CETs PTZ network camera offering includes extremely robust models suitable for the harshest environments and climates the Caribbean has to offer.

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