Audiovisual Systems Integration

Luce – Trinidad


Luce Sushi restaurant / JRK Interiors One     

Location (country and town):  Hilton Hotel, Trinidad

Rosemary Hadeed of JRK Interiors required a visually stunning customer experience and she turned to CET to assist with the lighting to make her designs come to life, particularly at night. The audio system also received a similar CET professional audio treatment. The lighting system consists of multizone rgb ceiling fixtures each with independent control, and over 600ft of cove lighting, each single side of any element with independent control. The sound system consists of Infinity ceiling speakers and ipad audio management. There are almost no visible speakers in the building (note the owner took the grilles off as he preferred that look).

Entire restaurant can be controlled by owners mobile device or automated via calendar or clock events.

The customer will very often state that has the “coolest looking spot in Trinidad and it sounds great too” and he is right!