Audiovisual Systems Integration

House of Worship – East Trinidad


The recently built Community Church in East Trinidad has a seating capacity of 200 people with two adaptable spaces that expand to 100 more. Early in the construction phases, this evangelical establishment approached Caribbean Entertainment Technologies to assist with the furnishing of a sound light and video system for each praise and worship areas.

The result… another satisfied customer!

The vision of the client

The client’s vision was to provide a modernized praise and worship space that is capable of providing global and localized video and sound to 3 zones. These are:

  1. The main worship floor
  2. The left break room
  3. The right breakout room

The client also requested a lighting rig that is capable of recreating any desired mood onto the stage at the click of a button.

Basics system:

The main room is able to provide an elegant full-range sound system that is capable of providing a high STI at all listening areas. The stage provides a feed for up to 24 inputs and 8 returns. The audio system is also able to play any sound from consumer to pro audio. The lighting has pre-programmed lighting sessions and with the option to provide real-time control. The breakout rooms feed from the main room, but also have independent audio and video for smaller teaching services. Video can input from both a local camera and a local video input device, such as a computer at both the control room and stage.

Special Key points

  • Lighting
  • DMX
  • Audio
  • STI
  • Video


  • Clean Install

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