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Shure Digital Conferencing Selected By University Of West Indies

University’s Caribbean Interpreting and Translation Bureau Relies on DCS 6000 system for high-profile multinational meetings

A Shure DCS 6000 conference unit.


At the Trinidad campus of the University of West Indies, the largest and longest standing higher education provider in the English-speaking Caribbean, the Caribbean Interpreting and Translation Bureau (CITB) recently selected a Shure DCS 6000 digital conference system in offering translation services in 12 different languages, as well as interpreters and audio conferencing for regional meetings.

Working with political clients such as Trinidad & Tobago Bureau of Standards, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caribbean Agro-Economic Society, and the Ministry of Planning and Sustainable Development, CITB seeks to deliver the highest-quality audio possible during high-profile meetings.

Collaborating closely with Caribbean Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (CET), a local professional audio and visual systems integration company, The Shure DCS 6000 conference system was chosen for its ease of use, service, expandability, multilingual features, and durability.

The DCS 6000 combines hardware and software options to effectively and securely manage meetings with control and reliability. With a variety of touchscreen, portable, and flush mounted conference units, the system can conform to the specific needs or protocols, ideal for CITB’s various clients and university students.

“Caribbean Entertainment Technologies has enjoyed a long relationship with the University of West Indies and has provided design and implementation services for several complex, low voltage solutions, ranging from video conferencing to CCTV systems,” says Aaron Rudden, sales director for CET. “When we were asked to provide a multilingual conference solution, all parties immediately agreed Shure DIS was the ideal product for their needs,”

DCS 6000 equipment was supplied to the university for on-campus meetings and student use, while additional items were purchased to support CITB client projects. The system can accommodate simultaneous interpretation of up to 31 languages and is expandable up to 3,800 delegate units. And, it can be controlled with a tablet or PC through a web browser interface or an external room control system.

“We often support meetings where presidents and global leaders are present, creating added pressure for flawless sound. The DIS conferencing systems always delivers and are easy for our staff and attendees to use,” states Eric Maitrejean, operations manager for CITB. “At times our events have more than five rooms in use, and more than 1,200 esteemed delegates from around the world speaking upwards of six different languages. It’s reassuring to know that Shure goes beyond delivering superior products and their support team is always available to help address our questions.”

He concludes, “The software with our DCS 6000 equipment is very sleek and offers a range of capabilities. Not only do we have more control over the sound, but we can monitor from mobile devices, and support web streaming, recording, video projection, and committee voting.”


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