Audiovisual Systems Integration

Viv Richards Stadium – Antigua


CET designed and installed a high output, redundant paging system that was compliant with US standard voice alarm and evacuation standards, including automatic voice alarm integration to fire and safety systems. This was working with the Antigua Government and China State Construction Company. The system also had to be usable for high volume entertainment type situations, requiring a full range system.

Special Job Points

  • Time: 3 months from contract to completion
  • 150 feet rigging points with climbing access only
  • very high speaker locations with noise spill issues, mandating very directional speakers
  • Hi salt environment with all stainless fittings and rigging
  • Excellent fidelity and amazing spectator SPL for a sports venue
  • full remote system management and reporting
  • Optical redundant cobranet audio distribution
  • amazingly easy GUI based system control for multiple zones
  • unmanned, timed and automatic emergency and evacuation functions
  • audio in/out loop for third parties like DJ’s that allow the main system to control their output and mute them during paging, as well as use their material over the paging system for venue wide reinforcement


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