Audiovisual Systems Integration

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Band Rooms – Acoustic Treatment


Acoustic Treatment for the newly constructed Police Band practice facility-

There are four rooms within the building compound that required acoustic treatment.

  • 1- Choir room
  • 2- Steel-pan Room
  • 3- Practice room
  • 4- Orchestra Room

Hard dry walls coupled with a countless of number of bulkheads will always be a nightmare for any practicing musician. With the help of our highly trained acousticians, the company was able to provide an acoustic treatment solution that has surpassed the expectation of this client

The client’s vision was to provide practice spaces tailored for various types of musicians (Vocal. However, the initial construction was not able to provide such an environment. The overall problem is that a defined room with hard drywalls and bulkheads created a high “reverberance” that the musician did not desire.

Basics of system design:

On measurement, most of the “reverberant” frequencies occurred between the 500Hz to the 4kHz region. 4×4, 2×4 and 1×4 acoustic panels were strategically placed on the walls and ceiling of the designated rooms.

Special key points or design features or challenges?

Reverb time, reverberance, EDT.
Challenges: Retrofitting/ clean install

Before (sample pan room (worst performing room)

cet caribbeanAV

After (treatment) – RT60 and EDT reduced

cet caribbeanAV

cet caribbeanAV

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