Audiovisual Systems Integration

ReThink / Ross Advertising, Trinidad


A high power, visually minimal, outdoor audio system with ipad control, and LED art lighting

The client wanted to be able to use his courtyard area for social and corporate events, cocktail parties, product launches, and speeches. He wanted it be very low visibility, aesthetically pleasing, and loud. The client also had some lobby artwork that was not really being displayed to its potential, he needed some specialized lighting to make it “pop”

The system consists of a JBL Control outdoor product solution with a Heos by Denon front-end for source, Apple iPad control on a dedicated SSID network for reliability. The system was bi-amped for maximum headroom. All processing for the speakers set and locked, rack locked, the only human interface was the iPad. 2 volume zones for noise management. System designed for full audio and system control that can convert into a larger building management system at a later date. The artwork was lit with a TV studio-grade variable white 220w (very bright) led fixture, with the light temperature set to achieve an excellent natural color balance and compliment the artwork.

The area is a high theft area so security measures were needed. Both CET and the client did not want to display the ‘speakers in a cage’ so we did a custom single bar design that compliments the lines of the building while making it very hard to remove the speakers. Updated magnetic contacts integrate to the existing alarm system. The subs were mounted ground loaded and if you don’t know they are subs you presume them to be AC units or something utility, fitting the decor perfectly. The system also gets louder than its nightclub neighbors, a great accomplishment considering you can barely see the speakers.

The customer is a known visual perfectionist which is why he is also known to be a renowned advertising and creative professional in the Americas. He was involved from beginning to end on every aspect of the design. He seemed somewhat reserved thorough the process, but when it was finished and tuned, he came by and with a very large grin said it was probably the best sounding system he had heard as far as he could recall.

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