Audiovisual Systems Integration

Queen’s Hall Theatre


CET worked with Northern Light of Ireland and ARUP Acoustics of London.

The original design was done by architect Colin Laird, and was incorporated in 1956. It is a multipurpose facility to accommodate theatrical presentations and various community activities. The Hall is centrally located in Port of Spain the capital of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago on 3 1/2 acres of land.. Its eminent neighbors are the President’s house on one side and the Prime Minister on the other. The Hall is available to organizations and people at a reasonable rental fee, subsidized by the government to support the arts. There is a small administrative and technical staff. It receives an annual subvention from Government which meet about 2/3 of its recurrent expenses the other third met from rentals of the facility and its equipment.

In 1999, Gillespie and Steel Architecture and Arup were commissioned to renovate the auditorium and technical theater systems. Arup provided advice on acoustics and also in theater consultancy areas: auditorium and theater planning, stage engineering, production lighting and theater sound and communications. The scope of the renovation work included the following:

  • increased height of the fly tower and new flying systems
  • improved technical sound and lighting systems
  • improved public and backstage facilities
  • reconfigured seating layout and improved seats
  • enclosing the sides of the 1200-seat auditorium to improve sound isolation from external noise
  • addition of a low noise ventilation system
  • improved stage and orchestra pit with forestage elevator
  • addition of orchestra and audience sound reflectors
  • Addition of variable damping for reflections from the domed roof

Technologically, it is the most advanced facility in the Caribbean, providing the latest in audio and lighting equipment and all the accoutrement of a modern theatre, bringing its acoustics, lighting, stage and other technical facilities to a standard that equals major facilities worldwide. An enclosed air-conditioned environment provides additional comfort for performers and patrons alike in an auditorium with a 782-person seating capacity.

Recent Upgrade Equipment to Queens Hall Theatre in Trinidad includes:

2x Soundcraft Vi6 with optical, Effects and MADI options
Klark Teknik Helix
Back up Media Matrix system
1x Sony BRC 300 HI def PTZ camera relay system
Microphones from Shure, Sennheiser microphones, AKG microphones and Audio Tecnica microphones
Lighting from Coemar, NSI Lighting, Elation Lighting, Altman Lighting and ETC Lighting
Clearcom intercom system