Audiovisual Systems Integration

Kaizan Sushi, Chaguanas – Trinidad

Keizen Trinidad

Zanzibar and Tee Tee electronics came to Caribbean Entertainment Technologies, Ltd. for a state-of-the-art technical design of both venues, Zanzibar and Kaizan.

This design and installation was audio and video only, the two zone system with a ceiling mounted dual 18” JBL subs and multiple Control29 JBL speakers with modified dispersion’s for acoustic zone control. The TVs were all installed on a common UPS, and overall power management is on a control system and fully automated. Each restaurant zone can follow any TV feed or be totally independent with local source.

These are two restaurants and two “vibes” under one roof. Club on Friday night jam on the Zanzibar side and “cool” Keizan sushi vibe on the other, with very little isolation between them. As such the systems had to be very directional. Low frequency shaping was employed, and multiple speakers each with short defined coverage were employed to allow for this to be achieved.

The Vision of the Client?

The Zanzibar restaurant and Kaizan Sushi are essentially located within the same area. Separated by one side of the mezzanine, Kaizan sushi replicates an environment that emanates peace. The Zanzibar restaurant, however, needed more dynamism. This solution must constantly provide a happy/feel good environment to the guests. Sports, movie trailers and that favorite cartoon must be seen at the convenience of the customer’s eye.  The music must accommodate both a hearty lunch to evening after-work limes and weekend free ups.

Rack located within the room shall be the heart of the AV system. This shall provide the necessary controlled sound re-enforcement to the various areas within the building.

Key Points: We have valued engineered an audio solution to ensure this location can have soft “zen”-like setting and then even a fun and party like atmosphere when the time is right. Sound dispersion, zone control, full range sound system and video distribution.

Challenges: Accommodating further expansion of video