Audiovisual Systems Integration

Space La Nuba


Design, supply and commissioning of sound, lights and video systems for a purpose-built 8000 sq foot two level entertainment facility in Trinidad, client requested specifically extremely good lower audio range performance, ie ‘boom’ and he got it, in bucket loads….. Solid performance to 20Hz over 120db in some areas (safe at those frequencies) and yeah club music does have bass at 20Hz… The lights are nearly all led fixtures and used over 5000 dmx channels of programming between a light jockey 4 universe and a Compulite rave console.  Video display systems and ptz cameras allow for conferencing, private events and corporate training events.

Special Job Points

  • Perfectionist Client, CET only contractor not terminated during course of job.
  • Radical new low frequency re-enforcement (success!!)
  • Wall to Wall intelligent lighting from car park to bathrooms.
  • Time: 3 months from contract to completion
  • 7 completely isolated systems networked to control room
  • Excellent fidelity for a sports venue

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