Audiovisual Systems Integration

Exxon Mobile – Duke Street, Guyana

Audiovisual Systems Integration

Exxon Conference Rooms Solution

In 2015 Exxon struck oil in Guyana and established the country as a global producer. The oil giant proceeded to consolidate its many small operations and offices into a single administrative location in Duke Street that was fitted out from the ground up to include multiple high security, state-of-the-art communications, educational, and presentation rooms.

The vision of the client:

Guyana has limited technological and IT human resources and the client required communication solutions that were proven, robust, easy-to-use, and most of all supported by a local based provider that can resolve issues with an almost instantaneous response as would be appropriate for their 24/7 critical operations

Basics of system design:
All 11 audio-video meeting facilities use Polycom video conferencing hardware and Shure beamforming microphones. They were built from the ground up as Microsoft Security Certified video and audio endpoints, including fully independent secure networks.

The final solution includes networked and monitored building-wide Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provisioned in partnership with APC, SIP trunks with high-quality dedicated codecs from Guyana Telecom as well as a hosted Brightsign digital signage solution.

Design features:
The client required same-day support on all solutions and AMR-CET continues to provide in-country major component replacement stock and technical staff to support. The grid power quality in Guyana is among the most challenging on the planet and required extensive UPS and grounding infrastructure to ensure maximized system uptime.

The customer has certainly expressed their positive support of our effort with them on multiple occasions.

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