Audiovisual Systems Integration

OVO NIGHTCLUB – Punta del Este, Uruguay


CET | AMR  installed and commissioned a touring grade PA system in OVO Nightclub an ‘A’ list night-club venue in Uruguay. OVO Nightclub is located inside the Conrad Casino and is a popular hot spot for live acts and DJ dance nights.

The client recently upgraded the facility end-to-end, and this included removing the existing Clair Brothers R4 system and replacing it with a JBL Vertec system, buying the best product for the application that was available on the market.

Systems design: The system consists of a JBL Vertec series Line array, 10 active JBL VT4888DP 12” cabinets, 4 JBL VT4880ADP active dual subs, DBX 4800 processing and a Yamaha CL series digital console with Dante stage boxes, with JBL VP7210

System was bought by the facility but was never commissioned correctly, resulting in some upset patrons and many damaged components. CET | AMR was then contracted to come in and do whatever needed to be done to make it work correctly.

We repaired the products on site down to component level and got the items working right. We then physically re-installed the system correctly using the right physical geometry suit the venue – the venue being an old theater which lent itself to a high stereo hang with ground loaded subs. The location was quite remote so spares and support became a challenge. It was very important that the system be programmed in a manner to make it fairly indestructible… this is quite the challenging as this is sometimes a full throttle EDM club and as such needs to get very loud with acceptable dynamic ranges and keep intense impact, and do so reliably 24/7/365.

Using the ample DSP options between the DBX4800 and the 4888DP/AN input cards, we were able to apply very aggressive brick wall safety, which gave ample headroom until we hit that point. End result, easily crossing 100db on the dance floor, huge headroom, including the lower octaves – bring your earplugs!

The client was simply not aware of the capability of the very high-end level of product they had on-site. You can just imagine how happy they were to see what their system could do once set upright. The output on the floor was truly amazing.