Audiovisual Systems Integration

47 Productions – Dwayne Bravo’s Studio, Trinidad

47 Productions is a commercial audio and video production studio built from the ground up with a large high ceiling talent room, vocal booth, and full-size mix room. The facility includes full-size in-wall monitoring and Protools HD recording.
What was the original vision of the client?
The owner DJ Bravo wanted a world-class facility to support his own product development, and the support of his related performing artists, while also being available to professionals that need that “big-room” level audio production,
Basics of system design:
The facility is built around AVIDProToolsHDX solution with Slate control a custom JBL/TAD in-wall monitor solution with BSS signal processing. The Acoustics are broadband absorptive design with a degree of variable reflection in the talent areas. SDI, Dante and network distribution, video relay and intercom, and full UPS support is provided throughout the facility. LED color-changing lighting for moods to suit the creative mindset. Lighting, Airconditioning, door locks, intercom, and all the other components to encompass a full building management solution is integrated into the owner’s mobile devices and touch screens distributed around the facility.
Special key points or design features or challenges?
  • The facility is the only large format commercial recording facility in the country and is designed from the ground up to get very loud at reference quality utilizing a custom-built 14000w free hung in-wall 4-way active monitor solution
  • 110db at the mix position with measured reference-grade response mix position. Additional monitoring includes concentric 2-way nearfields and 5.1surround ready monitoring solutions
  • Seamless operation between ProTools, Logic, and most other popular DSP solutions, utilizing Dante, thunderbolt, and Digilink all integrated by Slate touch screen session management
  • Locally built full STC rated doors (Sound Transmission Control)
  • All analog signal cabling is done in Mogami cable, Great river, and Maag mic preamps with ample 500 series explanation space provided all wired to a bantam facility patch bay.
  • Extensive data and SDI video wiring in all rooms making the facility ready for video production, post, and future-proofed for significant growth including SDI, Dante, and NDI.
  • All electrical supply is double sine wave filtered fully online UPS allowing for an extremely low noise floor
  • Video and audio intercom from all locations for artists and operator communications and a full size walk through high STC rated glass separation between control and talent adds to the artists and production comfort
  • Silent low-speed aircon solution with full room to room isolation. Slate touch screen monitors for fast and flexible operation
Customer Comments:
Sounds amazing, Trinidad and Tobago urgently needed an audio studio like this. Loved the ability to switch between different DAW platforms