Audiovisual Systems Integration


Soho Restaurant & Wine Bar is an upscale restaurant and wine bar located in Woodbrook’s most patronized area. Our goal was to provide architectural lighting to create a unique mood and ambiance for that environment.

The client wanted the restaurant to tastefully stand out and be set apart from similar businesses on the avenue.

Basics of system design:
The upper exterior of the building was lit using ILuminarc ilumi Panel 48. The lower under canopy area was lit using 6 Chauvet COLORband Pix. The stone walls under both lower and upper bars was lit using Elation RGB flex tape with remote control and power being supplied 2 Elation ELR8. The main stone wall was washed using 2 Chauvet COLORband Pix. The entire system was programmed and controlled using Chauvet xpress 512 plus.

Design Feature: The building lighting is programmed on a dust to dawn clock running from 6pm to 6am with the colour scheme changing and alternating twice every hour. The stone wall alternates to a contrasting colour of the main building .

This was a 10 day process.

salesman/ project Manager:
Mark Wright