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CET Hosts Ableton Live Masterclass Seminar with Ableton Certified Trainer, DiiSiiMO (Richard Balgobin)



Ableton Live software and PUSH hardware offer an incredibly versatile platform for creating musical ideas, turning them into finished songs, and even taking them onto the stage. We are hosting this masterclass with the assistance of Ableton Certified Trainer, DiiSiiMO (Richard Balgobin) as well as local producers and artists who use Ableton in the studio and as a live instrument. They will be explaining their work process as well as giving tips and tricks.

This masterclass is complementary and great opportunity for current Ableton users to enhance their skills as well as beginners and users of other DAW’s who want to see what they are missing.

MAY – 21 – 2016 @ The Little Carib Theatre
10 a.m – 2 p.m




Richard, a.k.a. DiiSiiMO (pronounced dee-see-mo), is a sample-based performer, remixer, producer, teacher, and DJ. Richard started off as a DJ back in 1995, when he used to play at neighbourhood house parties. He took his multi-genre musical passion to the media in 1999 and anchored several radio and television shows while continuing to DJ on weekends.
Richard currently provides online training in Ableton Live. He began his life as a trainer by teaching
DJ & Radio Presentation skills in the early 2000’s.
His journey using Live began in 2008 as a sample-based performer for a hugely popular local outfit
called Kes The Band, where he would trigger percussion and vocal samples and use live effects to
make every performance unique. He still works with Kes The Band doing their live performance
video effects and also performs with the Alternative Quartet on their overseas tours.

Richard specializes in teaching Live Performance, Music Production, Mixtape Creation, Remixing
and DJing using Live. He trains special interest groups such as music production teams, high
profile musicians, DJs, and performers in the Caribbean, as well as international students online.
As an Ableton Certified Trainer (commonly known as Ableton Ninjas), Richard is one of only 215
persons worldwide to hold this title.


Lyndon ‘Stonez’ Livingstone, and his Razorshop‘ production studio, are best known for inventing a style of Caribbean house remix that set the standard for djs and producers since. DJ Lyndon took local artists’ biggest ‘soca’ hits, a form of Trinidadian party music heavy on drums, horns, iron and 120-170bpm energy, and fused acappella renditions with drum machines, synths, dj live mixing skills, editing software and sample kits. The results were remixes and “road mixes” (extended mixes of songs specifically played ‘on the road’ over the two days of Carnival) unlike anything seen in the region before. The meeting of soca music and electronica was an unanticipated but perfect fit, but he didn’t just stop there. His remixes gave soca music a fresh pulse outside of Carnival. He internationalized his style of remixing to jumping and waving masses of Caribbean peoples, from the streets of Port of Spain, Trinidad’s capital, to chic multi-level nightclubs in New York, Toronto, London, and Chicago.


Andy Muregan Born in Trinidad in the year 1992, 23 years of age! Studied at St. George’s College, Barataria. Fell into the music industry at the age of 16, after his elder brother had been a part of it.

After completing CXC at high school he began working with the band Karma. He worked as the percussionist / sampler where he operated the Akai MPC4000 but within time and reasons for upgrading, he was forced to make the switch to Ableton Live which made his job a whole new experience.

He is also a part time DJ which Is basically a hobby to him. He enjoys being part of the band Karma and what he does. Traveling with the band is one of the things he loves the most, he definitely enjoys the experiences. He enjoys being a part of the music industry and what he does, being an Ableton Live Operator and a part time DJ.


Madman Johann ( Born Johann Seaton) from the Ultimate Rejects as helped shape the Caribbean music scene into what it is today. Incorporating electronica into a variety of indigenous sounds, Johann and his partners dived into the swirling EDM melting pot; took the sounds they liked and blended an entirely new genre of Caribbean-blended EDM rhythms(CDM). His love for music took shape as a teenager, working as a DJ and later as a music producer. He has worked with, and altered the sounds of, artistes like Kes, BunjiGarlin, ShurwayneWinchester, Machel Montano and many more. CDM for him is a platform for new sounds, a happy genre to springboard ideas for his music. His musical brainstorming with Max created the idea for Ultimate Rejects(UR) 2 years ago which combines world sounds into an Caribbean -blended EDM-based rhythm (CDM). Ultimate Reject is more than just an EDM blend of sounds; their rhythms connect the very human themes of wanting to belong and the freedom of not belonging. For him, Ultimate Rejects is the sum of all our parts, the beauty of fragmentation and the power of transformative appropriation. Johann continues to spearhead the musical evolution of Caribbean sound, creating rhythms that are compelling, universal and true.




Robert “Robbie Styles” Persaud has been using Ableton Live since 2003

Initially remixing and producing music, he is now the Ableton Operator for Kes The Band

Previously, he held “samples” duty for Mungal Patasar’s Pantar and 3canal’s cut+clear crew

He is also a maestro “parrandero” – playing parang music with Los Parranderos de UWI since 1994

During his stint of 13 years as the band’s Musical Director, he has recorded and mixed 4 albums

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